Three Counties Lodge 5726

Becoming a Freemason

The qualifications that are essential for every candidate for membership to Freemasonry are as follows:

  • You must believe in God, or a Supreme Being.
  • You must be male and 21 years of age or over.
  • Your wife or partner must support your wish to become a Freemason.
  • You must not have been convicted of a criminal offence.

Upon receipt of your details our Secretary will make contact with you to arrange an informal meeting at your home to ask you a few questions and answer any as far as possible you may need to ask us. He will then report back to the members.

If possible, you and your partner will then be invited to a social event, at which you would be able to chat with members and form a better opinion of our Lodge. It is really important to us that every Brother is a happy member of the fraternity.

You will then be invited to attend a formal meeting at the Masonic Centre, after which you would be informed whether you had been recommended for membership.

If you are recommended for membership, you would be proposed at the next regular Lodge meeting, and a ballot held.  If the ballot proves in your favour you would be admitted (Initiated) shortly afterwards.

Interested? Get in touch

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Joining Members

Please contact us by email if you would like to come along as a guest and see if our Lodge is for you. We will always be very pleased to welcome any visiting Masons to either a Regular Lodge meeting or Social event. See the “News and Events” page for further details.