Three Counties Lodge 5726

Three Counties Lodge
Consecrated 11th April 1938
In The Province of Sussex

Meeting at East Grinstead Masonic Centre, West Sussex

In a world that seems far away and long ago, the Grand Masters held a Secret that was known but to only the three of them…….


That secret was lost for centuries but can be discovered by a just and free man, with sound judgement and strict morals.

The ancient fraternity of free and accepted Masons of the United Grand Lodge of England is very much alive and well in the modern world.

Being a member of a Masonic Lodge opens up a wide and interesting new world of opportunities, not only to discover secrets known but to the few, but also those known only to yourself.

Thank you for visiting our website and on behalf of all our members, we wish you a warm welcome.

We hope that you find the information informative and interesting.

This site contains an open and general view of the activities of a Lodge of Freemasons in a quiet and unassuming market town on the borders of Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Whilst there are no specific details regarding the content of our meetings and ritual ceremonies, we have been quite open about the form and general content of those meetings. All members of the Lodge have agreed that this approach to general disclosure is not outside our promises or obligations that we have made to the Craft in General.

Our aim is to attract a general interest in the principles of Freemasonry and to encourage new visitors, guests and hopefully members into the Lodge.

We are grateful that there appears to be some interest in the content of this site from the general and wider world who are not masons and hope that this interest will continue as the site is developed.


I joined 3 years ago and have really enjoyed meeting new people and helping out the community


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